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Dr. Alberto Miselli


Immediate Prosthetics

Course Title:

Immediate prosthesis and the Umbrella Concept: The Biological considerations to preserve marginal bone and aesthetics through time

Course Description:
The literature states that the biological space between healthy natural teeth is 2.74mm (Gargiulo AW, Wentz FM, Orban B. Dimensions and relations of the dentogingival junction in humans. J Periodontol 1961;32:261-7). In the case of implants, this space is similar (Makigusa K. Histologic comparison of biologic width around teeth versus implant: The effect on bone preservation. J Implant Reconstr Dent 2009;1:20-4).
We find a situation in the subcrestal implants, where this biological space is formed by a bone remodeling during the process of the soft tissue stabilization around the implant. Immediate loading promotes a controlled stimulation. The implant 3D position, reduced diameter and the distance of more than 2 mm between the implant platform and the crown edge are decisive for the stability of hard and soft peri-implant tissues.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • The knowledge and understanding of the biology of peri-implant tissues
  • Know the benefits of implant macrogeometry in this process of healing and stability of soft tissues
  • Learn the benefits of the prosthetic concepts for the stability of the peri-implant tissues

Dr. Alberto Miselli Pavarotti’s Bio

Dr. Alberto Miselli Pavarotti, completed his undergraduate studies at the School of Dentistry at Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, where he received his DMD. He later received a certificate of fellowship in Basis of Oral Rehabilitation from the University of Michigan School of Dental Medicine, Ann Arbor, and received implant training at the Bicon Institute, Boston, and at the Neobiotech Institute, Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Pavarotti is a frequent speaker in continuing education in the use of prosthesis in dental implants and has been a visiting and guest professor and lecturer at dental schools and universities throughout South America.