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Dr. Arun Garg


Bone Harvesting and Block Grafting Concepts

Course Title:

Current Concepts in Bone Biology, Bone Harvesting, and Bone Grafting

Course Description:
In the last decade advances in current concepts in bone biology, bone harvesting and bone grafting have been significant. When it comes to implant placement, surgeons encounter a wide diversity of cases ranging from the straightforward to the complex. Currently, there are numerous approaches to augment the impaired or insufficient ridge. We will review how to grow bone, review current bone harvesting sites, and understand various bone grafting techniques, including Cortical Bone Pins, Bone Blocks, and Bone Plates.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Understand how to grow bone for dental implant placement
  • Review current bone materials and bone harvesting sites
  • Understand bone grafting technique

Dr. Arun Garg’s Bio

Dr. Arun Garg has developed and refined many surgical techniques and devices that simplify surgery and result in more predictable procedures. He is an authority on bone biology, bone harvesting and bone grafting for dental implant surgery.

Dr. Garg pioneered use of platelet-rich plasma, creating a $40-billion industry and modified versions of procedures. For 20 years, Dr. Garg served as Professor of Surgery in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and as Director of Residency Training at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

He earned engineering and dental degrees from the University of Florida and completed his residency at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital.