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Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao


Pathology Perspective

Course Title:

Pathology Perspectives in Implantology

Course Description:
All dentists have patients in their roster who may been treated for pathological reasons in their maxilla and mandible. Cause of resection and reconstruction by vascularized fibula, iliac crest is usually the presence of lesions like aggressive tumours such as carcinoma, ameloblastoma, odontologenic keratocyst, dentigerous cyst etc…

After determining the type of lesion by biopsy, a calculated decision by the surgeon is made with regards to saving the teeth involved by endodontic treatment or extraction. Viable options are extractions followed by radiation or segmental resection followed by reconstruction.

What about post-surgery? As dental professionals, our job is not complete unless we rehabilitate the patient’s occlusion and masticatory ability. We must give treatment options because loss of hard and soft tissue makes it difficult to retain removable prosthesis. And ALL patients deserve BETTER!!

Staying true to the theme of the Gi-S as it was BRANEMARK himself who said “Nobody should die with their teeth in a bowl of water!”. This lecture focuses on how to place implants and restore them in compromised patients.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • When to place implants in pathology sites
  • Clinical protocol for doing the same, intra operatively and post operatively
  • What must we NOT do

Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao’s Bio

Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao was named Oral Surgeon of the Year in 2013 by the Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards, Pan-India. She was instrumental in initiating the use of Piezo Surgical Unit in implant-related surgeries such as sinus lift, ridge-split and bone augmentation.

Dr. Bhalerao started the use of obturators during and after oral cancer surgery for faster rehabilitation. She is well versed in surgical techniques and is a frequent speaker and author.

She received her Bachelor in Dental Surgery from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai, India, where she also earned her Masters. She also received her Post-Graduate Diploma in Medico Legal Systems from the Symbiosis Institute of Health Care, Pune, India.