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Dr. Behnam Shakibaie


Microsurgery in Sinus Lifting

Course Title:

Microscope-Guided External Sinus Lift (MGES) according to Behnam Shakibaie

Course Description:
The Microscope-Guided External Sinus Lift (MGES) method enables the surgeon to reduce the accidental perforation rate of sinus membrane significantly. It also helps reduce the size of the external bony window of an open sinus lift to approximately ¼ of conventional measure. Therefore, the stability of the ridge after an open sinus lift procedure rises, which increases the possibility for implant placement in the case of highly atrophic ridges while decreasing treatment time of the procedure itself. A brief theoretical introduction of MGES technique and it`s comparison to a conventional open sinus lift technique using video sessions, specially developed microsurgical external sinus lift instruments, and description of their differences to conventional external sinus lift instruments will be presented.

During the hands-on workshop, offered separately from the main podium presentation, the participants will be trained in the recently published and new technique of MGES, demonstrated practically step-by-step on animal cadaver maxilla. Please see further description and details under Workshops.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Learning how to decrease the membrane perforation rate during open sinus lift significantly
  • Learning how to minimize the bony window size in open sinus lift significantly
  • Learning how to increase safety and predictably of sinus lifting while minimizing the trauma of the procedure

Dr. Behnam Shakibaie’s Bio

Dr. Behnam Shakibaie is a pioneer of implant microsurgery. He has developed new microsurgical techniques and instruments for oral implantology and jaw bone reconstructions. Dr. Shakibaie heads the Implant Division of the Microdentistry Community, MICROVISION.

He graduated from Berlin Charite University and gained a passion for Oral Surgery during his doctorate thesis at its Oral Surgery Dept. He specialized in Oral Surgery at Berlin and Bonn University and earned Mastership in Implantology at DGI in Germany, Mastership in Periodontology of DGP in Germany and specialization in Oral Microsurgery and Microdentistry of Zeiss Dental Academy in Switzerland.