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Dr. Benjamin Dyches


Understanding Business Tools Used to Eliminate Lawsuits and Increase Tax Savings

Course Title:

Understanding Business Tools Used to Eliminate Lawsuits and Increase Tax Savings

Course Description:
Making money is of little value if you don’t get to keep it. Two of the largest drains on the money you earn is lawsuits (and the attending legal fees) and taxes. This presentation will teach you how to eliminate any losses from lawsuits and the accompanying legal fees. It will also teach you how to reduce the cost of your income tax through innovative approaches very few people are even aware exist.

The most important asset you own is your medical license as it is the key to your earning power. We will show you how to keep your name and license off of the NPDB and protect your earning power now and into the future. With more than seven thousand medical practitioners as clients, Legally Mine is the most experienced and successful full-service Asset Protection Company in the nation. A small investment of your time and attention will pay a lifetime of dividends and keep more of the money you earn right where it belongs—IN YOUR POCKET.

Course Objectives:

  • Correct structuring strategies to protect all assets (business and personal) from any lawsuit, in any direction.
  • How through understanding your legal structuring you can reduce your tax liability substantially.
  • The proper use of trust, partnerships and LLC’s.

Dr. Benjamin Dyches’s Bio

Dr. Dyches is a practicing dentist and the CEO of Aegis Protectors, a firm dedicated to protecting healthcare professionals in our ever-changing medico-legal scenario. Aegis Protectors provides compliance solutions (HIPAA, OSHA, etc.). They also handle healthcare practice transitions, provide consultation, and specialized healthcare valuations. Dr. Dyches is also a mediator for the Justice Court system. He focuses on conflict resolution in healthcare and business disputes.

Previously, Dr. Dyches owned, managed, and provided care in a group of dental practices. In that capacity, he managed many employees, associate and partner doctors, and patient care protocol and procedures. Dr. Dyches is passionate about helping practicing healthcare providers both understand the law and protect themselves from it. He approaches risk management with a unique perspective that draws from legal training, practical expertise, and personal experience to create solutions. He focuses not only on what he believes all healthcare providers should know, but also the best combat strategies when the time comes to fight back.