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Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos

BSc, DDS, MSc, PhD

PRF and Aesthetics

Course Title:


Course Description:
During my lecture I will share and contribute my 15 years of experience and knowledge on blood derivatives and especially PRF, in facial aesthetics. I will explain to the participants the latest advancements on micro-needling including its use in facial aesthetics in combination with liquid injectable PRF (I-PRF). I will also present CLEOPATRA TECHNIQUE which is the easiest and most efficacious way to rejuvenate the skin, especially the peri oral area.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • How to release the body’s own natural healing proteins
  • When to add platelet rich fibrin to increase hard and soft tissue regeneration
  • Update your education on the biology behind blood

Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos’ Bio

Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos’ field of interest is GBR with the use of P.R.P., P.R.F., LPRF, IPRF & APRF, implants and laser. A native of Athens, she is president of WAUPS Greece and WAUPS Aesthetica and vice president of HELSOLA.

Dr. Nacopoulos is a frequent participant in many conferences and hands-on courses for implants, growth factors, facial aesthetics and lasers.

She earned her Ph.D., completed post-doctoral research and is a scientific collaborator at the Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System, School of Medicine, University of Athens. She received her Diplomate Certificate Degree of ICOI and earned an Aesthetic Medicine MSc from Queen Mary University, London.