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Dr. Henriette Lerner


Esthetic Perspective

Course Title:

Digital Workflow for Esthetics

Course Description:
Today dentistry and oral surgery is symbiosis of art, medicine, science and technologies. Digital technologies make dentistry a new discipline.

The digital workflow starts with the 3D visualization of the future smile and face in augmented reality procedure. This is the basis for backward planning of the missing structures. Based on exact parameters of planning, an esthetic surgical guide, and prosthetic provisional parts will be manufactured. After surgical procedure, principles of the final reconstruction will be illustrated.

Principles, parameters and workflows will be described, as well as their application in complex clinical cases.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Digital Data Acquisition
  • Digital Planning of Bone, soft Tissue and Prosthetic Reconstruction
  • CAD / CAM (materials and methods, concepts)
  • Guided Surgical Digital approach
  • Final Esthetic Reconstructions

Dr. Henriette Lerner’s Bio

Dr. Medic. Henriette Lerner’s motto is “Aesthetics is a way of life.”

A specialist in oral surgery, focusing on implantology and aesthetics, she is an educator in the topics of implant dentistry, grafting techniques and digital technology, as well as aesthetics on implants.Based in Baden Baden, Germany, she has contributed to the development of two implant systems, dental apps and surgical instruments.

Dr. Lerner graduated from the University of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Timisoara, Romania, and finished her surgical and implantology education in Germany and the United States. She is frequently published and serves as a board member and expert of the DGOI, the German Society of Oral Implantology, and is currently President of the Digital Dentistry Society International (DDS) (digital-dentistry.org).