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Dr. Jin Y. Kim


Periodontal Perspective

Course Title:

Soft Tissue around Dental Implants in 2018: Is it still Important?

Course Description:
Predictable soft and hard tissue regeneration, so crucial to the clinical success of each case is highly dependent on the appropriate selection of material as well as the technique and approach. With abundance of newer materials on the market, the clinician is given the task to marry the right material and technique, often, without much scientific guidance and sometimes conflicting evidence in the literature. Is soft tissue still an important factor in the overall scheme of the dental implant?

This presentation will review the existing evidence on the science of osseointegration, and clinical studies that validate long-term health of dental implant restorations. What factors, if any, do play a role in the breakdown of dental implant support? What should the home care, and professional maintenance protocol be? Do the materials, techniques, restorative designs and implant systems that a clinician chooses to have any bearing on these factors? The presenter will highlight various innovations in soft and hard tissue handling techniques in recent years. The presenter, as a periodontist, will also review the essence of implant maintenance protocols, diagnosis and recognition of peri-implant diseases, together with a systemic review as to how peri-implant break down can be prevented or minimized.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Understand the role of soft tissue in long-term stability of the implant restoration
  • Obtain a broad scope of the contemporary approaches to soft and hard tissue regeneration
  • Understand the protocols for implant maintenance – what the dentist needs to know and what the dental hygienist needs to do.

Dr. Jin Y. Kim’s Bio

Dr. Jin Y. Kim is a board-certified periodontist with practices in southern California.

His formal training includes dental school at the University of Sydney, Australia, specialty residencies in periodontics and implant surgery at UCLA Medical Center, and he holds advanced degrees in pathology, public health, and oral biology. He is a fellow of the American College of Dentists.

An author, lecturer, and educator, Dr. Kim teaches and advances his chosen field and has lectured in 36 different countries. He holds a number of faculty positions in universities across the globe. He directs advanced live surgery training program as a director of GDIA, and has founded the West Coast Dental Implant Study Club. In his spare time, he serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 93, Boy Scouts of America, and is an avid home brewer.