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Dr. Kayvon Javid



Course Title:

Adding Phlebotomy to Your Dental Practice

Course Description:
The increase in blood-derived products for hard- and soft-tissue regenerative treatment has increased the number of general dentists and specialists drawing patient blood during treatment. Although drawing blood is a common medical procedure, dentists do not get training in it at the undergraduate level and may only be exposed to it in post graduate residencies or through continuing education. The most common complication of phlebotomy involves injuries leading to paresthesia and forearm pain after phlebotomy to the venipuncture area due to medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve damage. The biggest factor in avoiding phlebotomy complications is getting proper hands-on training in these procedures. Additionally, knowing the anatomy of the arm and how to manage complications should they arise can assist in limiting liability for those dental practitioners drawing blood from their patients.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • To educate dentist on the application, anatomy, overview, and basic laws that govern phlebotomy

Dr. Kayvon Javid’s Bio

Dr. Kayvon Javid’s primary goal is to educate the community on preventative care and to keep his clients healthy and living long and ample lives. Emphasising a partnership of preventative care, Dr. Javid provides those he helps with the tools to improve their wellbeing.

He graduated from USC with a B.S. in Biology and then the USC School of Dentistry. He holds the Masters at the International Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI) and is a Diplomate of the (ICOI). Dr. Javid received his Phlebotomy certificate, CPT1 and has directed Venous Blood Draw training and lectures to dental professionals.

He has been honored for raising funds and donating dental services to underprivileged children through Communities Child.