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Dr. Radoslaw Jadach


Creative Oral Surgery

Course Title:

Creative Oral Surgery: Full protocol in rare techniques – hard palate approach for sinus-lift, one wound idea, transplantation vs transposition, up-side down blocks

Course Description:
Today we are focused on complex cases but solved by techniques which guarantee comfort for the patients after surgery. Listed techniques are not young but rare.
We know from very scant literature that sine lift from the palatal side does not generate swelling, pain and hematoma on the cheek. However, the criteria for choosing this technique are very strict. All indications and contraindications will be presented.

In reconstructive surgery, we often do a donor wound to reproduce the missing volume of tissue in the receiving wound. The idea of one wound combines two wounds into one. We can then call that transplantation has been replaced by transposition. We use this idea in covering the recession, in extending the alveolar ridge in the aesthetic zone and lateral segment. This concept also includes the technique of an upside-down block. The author shows the benefits and dangers in these techniques based on his own cases.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • What the preoperative diagnosis of these techniques should be done
  • What are the benefits of these techniques in hard and soft tissue regeneration
  • Learn predictable results with these techniques

Dr. Radoslaw Jadach’s Bio

Dr. Radoslaw Jadach is the first doctor in Poland to apply a pre-orthodontic decortication procedure using piezoelectric device and first created a classification of anatomical indications for the treatment of maxillary sinus floor elevation with access from the hard palate.

He focuses on microsurgery techniques and extensive soft tissue reconstructive surgery for the purpose of alveolar implantology.

Dr. Jadach graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Wroclaw Medical University and was a physician in its Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He trained at the University of New York: Continuing Education Linhart Dental Program NYU Implant Continuum Education and OSIS and CEIA.