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Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes


Advanced Implantology

Course Title:

Surgical management of the atrophic mandible for implant placement

Course Description:
One of the most demanding situations in implantology is to deal with cases where we don’t have sufficient bone height in the posterior mandible and we have an anatomical obstacle (inferior alveolar nerve). There are several ways to deal with the inferior alveolar nerve: avoiding, trespassing or moving. During this lecture it’s going to be explained different techniques to deal surgically with some demanding situations of the atrophic mandible when implant placement is required, namely alveolar nerve trespass, lateralization and transposition, all-on-four concept,guided bone regeneration and use of short implants.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Understand the limitations of atrophic mandible when implant placement is needed
  • Learn the techniques to solve the problem: namely lateralization/transposition/trespass of inferior alveolar nerve
  • Decide and learn when to use short implants, all-on-four concept or GBR

Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes’s Bio

Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes has received her Ph.D. in Implantology from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Oporto, where she also received her Dental Medical Doctor and Master’s Degrees.

Her thesis investigated “Experimental study of a new biomembrane (MES) for guided bone regeneration.”

Dr. Gomes also completed post-graduate work in implantology at the Bränemark Institute in Gothenburg and Maxilla-Facial Surgery Ward at Västerås Hospital, Sweden and a specialization course in Implantology at the University of Oporto.