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Dr. Sandeep Singh


Piezoelectric Perspective

Course Title:

Piezo-surgeries and Growth Factors – Predictable and Precise Approach in Bone Regeneration

Course Description:
Piezo-Surgery is a modern technique for osseous surgeries in Dentistry. Selective micrometric cutting is possible for different ultrasonic frequencies, acting only in hard mineralized tissues, saving vital anatomical soft tissue structures. Currently use of growth factors in various treatment modalities is well advocated viz., 3D Ridge Augmentation (Vertical & Horizontal), GBR, Soft Tissue Regeneration (GTR), Maxillary Sinus Lift procedures etc., providing exceptional clinical and biological results, specifically for osteocytes viability and healing. Piezo along with the use of growth factors is giving new dimensions to the treatment outcome. There are various protocols given by different researchers over growth factors like Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF), Sticky Bone TM, Steaky Bone TM, I-PRF & A-PRF etc. Their use is specific for different treatment modalities. Piezo-Surgery enables challenging surgeries into simple and fully practical procedures and addition of Growth factors acts as a catalyst to improve the overall prognosis of the procedure.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Ultrasonic piezoelectric bone surgery as a minimally invasive surgical tool for predictable & precise surgery
  • Growth factors as an autologous fibrin matrix/glue for bone substitutes/graft material for enhanced stability, adherence & predictable hard & soft tissue regeneration
  • Extracted tooth as an autologous bone substitute using dentinal grinder for predictable bone regeneration.

Dr. Sandeep Singh’s Bio

Dr. Sandeep Singh is president and international board member of WAUPS, South East Asia, an organization of Ultrasonic Piezoelectrical Bone Surgery and Growth Factors.

As Director of Dental Health & Sciences, SHUATS University, Allahabad, India, he works to develop and promote Piezoelectric Bone Surgery and Growth Factors and on organizing conferences, lectures and workshops on Vertical and Horizontal 3D Bone Augmentation procedures.

Dr. Singh graduated in Dentistry from Amravati University, India, completed his residency at AIIMS, New Delhi and his Mastership in Implantology at UCLA. He is also a Certified Trainer for Endodontic Procedures from Mallifer Institute, Dentsply-Sirona, Switzerland.