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Vincent Naalbandian
and Andrew Sedler

Implants Simplified:  From Traditional To Digital

Course Title:

Implants Simplified: From Traditional To Digital

Course Description:
Despite the fundamental concepts of implant dentistry starting the same, the approach to implant dentistry has changed. With the implementation of digital workflow implant dentistry has become more predictable and consistent in result. New generation technology did make things easier and better, but it is still the fundamentals of implant dentistry that date 30-40 years back from today that need to be understood and appreciated to really be able to fully exploit what we have today. This presentation takes implant dentistry side to side from traditional to current and future implant procedures. You should be able to leave this lecture having full exposure to what a cohesive clinician and laboratory can really do.

Learning objectives for this lecture:

  • Steps of traditional workflow including pre-treatment plan and restorative options.
  • Which records to collect for best lab communication.
  • Establishing Ideal tooth positions including basic denture principals
  • How to support desired cosmetic and restorative outcome.
  • Mid-Treatment evaluation and course corrections to determine best prosthetic choices.
  • Comprehension of various implant planning software.
  • How digital workflow will affect the collection of records, planning and final execution.
  • Best digital prosthetic choices under various conditions using CAD/CAM technologies and milled and printed materials.

Mr. Vincent Naalbandian’s Bio

Vincent attended the College of Denturism in Montreal Canada where he graduated in 1993. Right out of school, Vincent worked with Dr. Aldo Camarda in the external clinic at the University of Montreal restoring implant over dentures, while doing the same in his private practice. In 2002 Vincent moved to California where he worked closely with Dr. Tony Daher, an associate professor for the post grad implant program at Loma Linda University. While there, he spent most of his time restoring implants. His career included working with several labs throughout California developing and managing successful, thriving implant departments. He also participated in several studies on implant restorations and their failures.

Last but not least, Vincent took part in developing implant restorations from CT guided surgical guides for the 2005 3D project. Vincent is now head of the implant department at Burbank Dental Laboratory where he has continued his career for the last 7 years.

Mr. Andrew Sedler’s Bio

Andrew Sedler is the Chief Operating Officer at Burbank Dental Laboratory. Over 10 years ago Andrew began the implementation of digital technology here at Burbank Dental Laboratory and has developed it in to one of the most advanced CAD/CAM, milling and printing laboratories in the US. Andrew has traveled across the world studying the latest in dental technology to ensure Burbank Dental Laboratory can meet the needs of our clients and their patients. Andrew has a B.S.  in Biology and Bioethics.