Global Implantology Summit Workshops

Workshops by Internationally Recognized Educators
Workshop by Dr. Shah

Fulcrum Implant Systems (4CEU)

$350 / Attendee

Workshop by Dr. Wiedemann

Mini Residency Module 2, 3 – Exodontia, Immediate Implant Workshop (16 CEU)

$999 / Attendee

Workshop by Dr. Shakibaie

Microscope-Guided External Sinus Lift (MGES) according to Behnam Shakibaie

Workshop by Dr. Bassam

Microsurgical Approach to Minimally Invasive Soft and Hard Tissue Grafting Around Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Workshop by Dr. Javid

Phlebotomy, CGF Preparation, and Application

Workshop by Dr. Choukroun

A-Prf Hands-On Workshop

Workshop by Dr. Singh

Ridge Split & GBR Bone Defects using Piezosurgery & Growth Factors

Workshop by Dr. Gomes

Nerve Laterlization, Ridge Splitting, and Sinus Augmentation

Workshop by Dr. Jadach

How to Close Oro-Antral Fistulae

Workshop by Dr. Tuttle

Gum Drop Methods

Workshop by Dr. Pohl

Socket Shield preparation and individual healing abutment production

Workshop by Dr. Bernotti

V-Y Bernotti Flap at Teeth and Implant Sites. Tunling Technique and Connective Tissue Grafts

Workshop by Dr. Mazor

Innovations in Bone Instrumentation and Utilization of Autologous Growth Factors Derived from Blood and Dentin

Workshop by Dr. Ashwini

Reconstructive Surgery: Fracture Repair Process in Oral Surgery

Workshop by Dr. Bleyan

Soft Tissue Modification Around Implants to Create Ideal Emergence Profile

Workshop by Dr. Cleopatra

Aesthetic Medicine-PRF

Workshop by Dr. Mahony

The Role of Orthodontics in Implant Dentistry

Workshop by Dr. Zita

Nerve Laterlization, Transposition and Short Implants

Workshop by Dr. Magnano

3D Scanners: All You Need To Know

Workshop by Dr. Weigl

Innovative minimal-invasive workflows for immediate implant placement and single crown restoration

$300 / Attendee

Workshop by Dr. Lee

Sinus Lift Techniques

Workshop by Dr. Faraje

Case Selection for the General Practitioner

Workshop by Dr. Miron

Next Generation Biomaterials for Bone and Periodontal Regeneration

Workshop by Dr. Farronato

Pre shaped Titanium mesh for bone regeneration

Workshop by Dr. Ganz

Assessing Implant Receptor Sites for Delayed and Immediate Load Protocols

Workshop by Dr. Karateew

Implant Provisionalization: Improving esthetic and functional success

Workshop by Dr. Chmielewski

Light in Dental Photography. Equipment and Settings for Dental Portfolio, Surgery and Documentation